• Extinguishing three elements
    1. Downwind of the fire, to prevent the fire burns.
    2. The roots of the fire, the effect of the most thorough.
    3. 2 - 3 meters away from the root of the fire, the optimal distance. Only 4.5 meters effective distance extinguisher.
  • Use portable dry powder fire extinguisher
    1. The fire extinguisher on the ground, left hand supporting the bottleneck, with his right index finger holding the safety pin, gently pull. Not hard left hand grip.
    2. Pick up the cylinder, the bottom left hand, right hand squeeze handle.
    3. When extinguishing cylinders should be aimed downward 45 degrees.
    4. Cylinder pressure gauge pointer to the red zone, indicating a fire extinguisher failure, pointing to yellow, you
  • Fire Escape "Seventy word formulas" specific content
    Familiar with the environment, the export easy to find; discovered the fire alarm to early; stay calm and orderly flight; simple protection, creeping bent over; Shenru elevator, corridor change to go; Descent escape, rely on themselves; fire has and body Do not stampede; trapped indoors, stick is wonderful; flee danger, not greedy no trouble.
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