CAFS(Compressed Air Foam Fire Systems)

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    Compressed Air Foam Systems from Manufacturer

    When there is a small initial fire, common fire extinguisher is enough to put it out. But in some places,such as vehicle fires,petrol station fires, ect,the fire is big and fast at the begining, commom fire extiguishers are not enough to put it out. But CAFS is very useful before the arrival of fire-fighting vehicles. CAFS lasts for 2 to 10 minutes or longer to extinguish the fire. It can eliminate fires or control fires that do not spread. What's more,CAFS operate easily, normal personal can use it, no need professional fighter. some narrow spaces, fire vehicles are very difficult to enter, but CAFS is small and obile,easy to enter some small places.Besides, some places, no fire hydrant, and no electric power, so CAFS is also the best choice.

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